LaTeX Thesis model

Call for contributions
If you enrich the style, try to share so that the phd community could profit from your improvements by sending the file .sty and an example of a thesis .tex to the webmaster of ADOC. You will find in this page the model of LaTeX of ADOC to write your sacred-saint thesis manuscript!

Except for the facilites to write your theorems and other proofs, this LaTeX style permits you to generate the cover page of your thesis for 2 models:

For your final manuscript, INSA of Rennes asks you to separate the cover pages from the rest of your manuscript. So, think of deleting the cover pages for the final version (for example with a print to a pdf file).

The archive contains the following files suivants under the same root:

  • ./these.sty, style file
  • ./these.tex, main file
  • ./macro.tex, file to enclose all your macros (there is lots of examples)
  • ./Makefile, a makefile to compile everything easily if we respect the following structure:
    • ./remerciements/remerciements.tex
    • ./introduction/introduction.tex
    • ./chapitreX/chapitreX.tex
    • ./chapitreX/fig/figure….eps
    • ./conclusion/conclusion.tex
    • ./biblio/biblio_these.bib, references file
    • ./glossaire/glossaire.tex
    • ./resume/resume.tex
    • ../sauvegardes_these/

In order to compile everything, call the the command make or pas from your favorite LaTeX editor (Kile,TexMaker etc).

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